Standard Edition Enterprise Edition
Available for commercial use
Management Console

Use the convenient MMC snap-in to manage your server.

HTML5-powered Web Interface

Provides modern look and feel and ensures easy integration with third-party issue trackers. Learn more

PowerShell Scripting and Automation

Automate server and repository management tasks with PowerShell cmdlets. Learn more

Windows Authentication

Allow users to access VisualSVN Server with their Active Directory domain credentials. Learn more

Basic Integrated
Active Directory Single Sign-On

Users' Windows credentials are automatically used to access VisualSVN Server repositories. Learn more

Multisite Repository Replication

Enables development teams from remote locations to work with the repositories at LAN speeds. Learn more

Backup and Restore

Enables full and incremental backups and provides an easy and fast way to restore them when needed. Learn more

Repository Management Delegation

Allow non-administrative users to manage repositories remotely. Learn more

Access and Operational Logging

Monitor all server activity (including read-only operations) and take control of your server. Learn more

Remote Server Administration

Take precise control of VisualSVN Server on remote installations with a great security and simplicity. Learn more

Price $0 $950 per server

Please refer to the End-User License Agreement for detailed license terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please email to for any licensing related questions.