Maintenance Subscription

There is a maintenance subscription associated with each VisualSVN Server Essential and Enterprise licenses. Free updates to all newer versions which provide new features and bug fixes are available during maintenance subscription period.

VisualSVN Server Essential and Enterprise licenses are always sold with the 12 months maintenance subscription.

What happens when my maintenance subscription expires?

After the maintenance subscription for your VisualSVN Server license is over, all VisualSVN Server features provided with the license will continue to work properly. However, you are required to renew your maintenance subscription in order to keep access to VisualSVN Server updates. You will not be able to install patch updates or upgrade your VisualSVN Server to the newer version without valid maintenance subscription.

Note that we are constantly working to improve VisualSVN Server. Please consider the VisualSVN Server version history for detailed information about new features and bug fixes made in VisualSVN Server.

Maintenance subscription renewal

To qualify for the 50% discounted renewal pricing the maintenance must be renewed no later than 90 days after its expiration. If your maintenance would be expired for more than 90 days, maintenance renewal will be unavailable and you will have to purchase a new license in order to get access to newer versions of VisualSVN Server.

To renew a maintenance subscription for your VisualSVN Server Essential or Enterprise license, please go to VisualSVN Server purchase page and follow the purchase wizard instructions. The renewed license key would be sent to the provided email address after maintenance renewal order has been processed. You should enter the new license key in the VisualSVN Server.

Should I wait for my maintenance to expire to renew it?

It might take up to a few days for maintenance renewal order to be processed. Maintenance renewal always commence from the expiration of your active maintenance period, regardless of when the maintenance renewal has been purchased. Therefore, it is convenient and recommended to renew your license before its expiration.

This approach helps to keep your maintenance subscription valid all the time. It helps to avoid the case when your maintenance subscription has expired and you do not have the access to critical update that was released.