Repository Web Interface

VisualSVN Server provides a rich web interface for Subversion repositories that is powered by HTML5.

VisualSVN Web Interface

Being fully integrated with all other VisualSVN Server features, the web-based browser for repositories works right out of the box, provides modern look and feel and ensures easy integration with issue trackers and other third-party applications.

One look is worth a thousand words. You can easily and immediately access the online live demo of the repository web interface by pressing the button below. No registration is required!

Live Demo

The new web interface is free of charge and is available with all VisualSVN Server licenses. The web interface is automatically enabled for each repository hosted on VisualSVN Server and does not require any additional configuration steps to make it work.

The web interface is available by the same URL that is used by Subversion clients (can be obtained using the Copy Repository URL context menu command in VisualSVN Server Manager). You can also access the web interface using the Browse context menu command in VisualSVN Server Manager.

High Performance and Scalability

The Repository Web Interface in VisualSVN Server is built as a serverless HTML5 application and uses the same mod_dav_svn API that is being used by every Subversion client. No additional back-end services are involved, and this fact ensures great level of performance, robustness and scalability.

Unified Authentication and Authorization

The Repository Web Interface is seamlessly integrated with all authentication and authorization features of VisualSVN Server, including the Active Directory Single Sign-On. The same authorization settings are applied when a repository is accessed by Subversion clients or browsed using the web interface thus ensuring the great level of data safety.

If you use Integrated Windows Authentication in VisualSVN Server, please make sure that your web browser is properly configured to use Single Sign-On when connecting to your repositories. For further details please consider the KB41 and KB42 knowledge base articles.

Easy Integration with Third-Party Applications

The Repository Web Interface allows you to easily integrate your Subversion repositories with third-party issue trackers and other applications. The web interface uses RESTful URLs so you can easily add web links to particular content in your repository to issue trackers and other third-party applications.

Here are the working URL examples (these URLs point to the online demo server for you to try):

Advanced Web Interface

The Repository Web Interface provides a modern and convenient way to browse Subversion repositories with the following key features:

  • Full-text search. Allows to search through the contents and history of your repositories — in any folder, at any revision. The search engine offers high performance, continuous indexing of new revisions and has virtually no limits on the repository sizes. See the Full-Text Search page for more information.
  • History view. Allows to examine history of changes for any path in a repository. To enter the history view, click the button with a history icon when you are browsing your repository.
  • Inline diff for changed files. Allows you to quickly examine changes in the modified files. To view the inline diff, click on a modified file when examining a particular commit in the history view.
  • Syntax highlighting. Provides syntax coloring for about 112 commonly used programming languages.
  • PDF and DOCX viewing. Automatically displays PDF and MS Word DOCX documents right in the web interface.
  • PSD and AI viewing. Automatically displays Photoshop PSD and Illustrator AI files right in the web interface.
  • Markdown rendering. Automatically renders Markdown documents stored in your repositories.

Supported Browsers

All modern web browsers are supported. The new web interface has been tested with the following browsers:

  • Firefox (current supported official releases),
  • Chrome (current supported official releases),
  • Microsoft Edge (current supported official releases),
  • Safari (including Safari iOS).


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