Backup and Restore

VisualSVN Server provides a perfect backup solution for the Subversion repositories. The feature helps you make daily backups of the repositories of any size. What is more, the Backup and Restore feature in VisualSVN Server is very easy to setup and maintain.

VisualSVN Server Backup and Restore

VisualSVN Server Backup and Restore feature, in conjunction with scheduled repository verification, safeguards your versioned data from both hardware and software failures and from an unexpected loss caused by human factors.

Easily configurable to fit your needs

VisualSVN Server Manager console provides an intuitive user interface to setup and manage the scheduled backup jobs. The setup process is very simple and should usually take no longer than 5 minutes to complete. You can add multiple backup jobs and configure them to have different schedules, backup destinations and sets of repositories to backup. This kind of flexibility should help you setup the backup that meets the corporate policies and requirements of your organization.

Time and space efficient

VisualSVN Server Backup and Restore feature was specifically designed for Subversion repositories and enables highly effective hot backup capabilities. It only takes about 40 seconds and around 5 MB on disk to make a daily incremental backup of the official Apache Software Foundation repository. It is worth noting that this is a large monolithic repository that holds 200 separate projects and contains more than 1,700,000 revisions.

Hot backup without service interruptions

Backup jobs can run when the repositories are being actively used, and do not have a noticeable impact on the performance. The running jobs do not cause any interruptions for users.

Scheduled and on-demand data protection

VisualSVN Server Backup and Restore, in conjunction with regular repository verification, provides a reliable data protection from human errors and software or hardware failures.

Before executing a potentially dangerous operation, you can always take one-time full backup of the repository or manually start a backup job out of schedule. The latter option helps you make a backup in just a couple of minutes.

Backup encryption

Encryption allows you to protect the backups and guarantees that only authorized users can decrypt and access the data. VisualSVN Server uses strong AES-128 or AES-256 backup encryption algorithms. The encryption prevents unauthorized access to the data. Read the article KB132: Understanding backup encryption for more information.

Backup to Azure Files cloud storage

VisualSVN Server allows you to store the repository backups on the Azure Files cloud storage. Azure Files is a secure and highly-available cloud file share accessible via the SMB 3.0 protocol. Azure Files cloud storage can be used with one-time repository backups and with scheduled backup jobs. Read the article KB133: Storing repository backups in the Azure Files cloud storage for more information.

Getting started with VisualSVN Server Backup and Restore

Setting up the backup for your Subversion repositories from scratch is only a matter of minutes. For step-by-step instructions, please see the article KB106: Getting started with Backup and Restore.