Multisite Repository Replication for Geographically Distributed Teams

Having a geographically distributed team is already a challenge. Among other things, minimizing time on accessing shared repositories is an essential factor to keep your team agile and efficient. VisualSVN Server with Multisite Repository Replication (VDFS) feature is ready to address the challenges of distributed workflow and bring performance improvements where it really counts.

Aiming to eliminate the delays, the VisualSVN Distributed File System (VDFS) technology enables distributed teams to work with Subversion repositories at the same speed as if they all were in the same local network. Employing the VDFS technology, the main repository can be replicated across multiple company's sites and locations which results in up to 1000% read operations speedup. For instance, the 50Gb working copy can be checked out in as little as 10 minutes. The same task performed over a regular internet connection would take an hour at the very least.

All distributed repositories are fully functional and writable. Whether it is a master repository or not — there are no constraints on repositories capabilities.

Supported configurations

The VisualSVN Distributed File System follows the classic master/slave replication architecture which is perfect for replication of Subversion repositories. The following are the two main configurations typically used by distributed teams:

  1. Master server located in the main office with slave servers in branch offices.
  2. Cloud master server with slave servers in every office.

Moreover, the VDFS technology can be used in both single or cross-domain environments. The latter is widely used for deploying repositories shared by different companies having different domains. There is also an option to deploy a repository in a non-domain environment.

Affordable and transparent licensing

Users of the Multisite Repository Replication (VDFS) feature can consider purchasing a VisualSVN Server under a special Enterprise Multinode license. The license of minimal size allows up to 50 active users on each node with no limitation on the number of nodes.

If you wish to try out the Multisite Repository Replication feature, you can download VisualSVN Server and start using it for free with no registration required. You are eligible for 45-days evaluation period.

If you have any questions related to licensing or need additional time to evaluate the technology, feel free to contact our sales team at

Getting started with Multisite Repository Replication

Both VisualSVN Server and VisualSVN Distributed File System are native on Windows, interoperable with other systems and work out of the box. There are only a few steps to get started, and Subversion repositories replication across multiple sites can be configured in minutes. For the more detailed getting started guidance please consider the KB136: Getting started with Multisite Repository Replication article.

Feel free to contact us at if you have any further questions.