Getting started with Multisite Repository Replication

Applies to: VisualSVN Server 3.7 and later

Multisite Repository Replication feature is based on the VisualSVN Distributed File System (VDFS), and can be configured in virtually any Windows environment. Typical VDFS deployment scenarios include configuring replication

  • between servers in the same or trusted Active Directory domains;
  • between servers in a cross-domain or a non-domain environment.

Setup instructions vary depending on the type of environment. The main difference is that the former scenario allows using the Active Directory authentication method, whereas the latter requires configuring the authentication based on the Replication Certificate.

Replication in a domain environment

If the computers running VisualSVN Server belong to the same domain or trusted Active Directory domains, you can use the Active Directory authentication method for the VDFS replication. The replication partners will be authenticated by Active Directory.

Read the article KB129: Getting started with VDFS replication in an Active Directory environment for configuration instructions.

Replication in a non-domain or cross-domain environment

If the computers running VisualSVN Server do not belong to a domain or there is no trust between the domains, you should use the certificate-based replication method for the VDFS replication. Certificate-based replication method can be used to deploy a cross-organizational repository replication as well as deploying the replication to a cloud service or to a DMZ server.

Read the article KB120: Getting started with VDFS replication in a non-domain environment for configuration instructions.

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