VisualSVN Server 5.2

VisualSVN Server 5.2.x version family has reached End of Support. We no longer provide maintenance and technical support for any VisualSVN Server 5.2.x builds. Read the End of Support announcement for further information.

Please, upgrade to the current version that is available on the main download page.

Maintenance release for version 5.2. Includes Apache Subversion 1.14.2.

VisualSVN Server 5.2.1

VisualSVN Server 5.2.0

Release Notes

Main enhancements

  • New feature: Effective access permissions.
  • New feature: Password guessing attack protection.
  • New feature: Background job to verify repository backups.
  • Significantly improve repository backup performance.
  • Add an option to specify the size of the private key for the TLS/SSL server certificate.

Repository hooks enhancements (VisualSVNServerHooks)

  • New run hook subcommand to launch arbitrary programs, with the --no-wait option for asynchronous execution.
  • The check-logmessage hook subcommand now supports regular expression matching with the --regexp option.
  • The check-logmessage hook subcommand now supports path filtering with the --filter option.
  • The check-logmessage hook subcommand now supports the --revision option.
  • The check-pathnames hook subcommand now supports the --revision option.
  • Fixed: Unicode command line arguments may not be handled properly by VisualSVNServerHooks.exe.

Compatibility changes

  • Drop backward compatibility with VisualSVN Server 4.3.x and older versions for Remote Server Administration.

Other changes

  • Revamp the incremental backup job schedule in VisualSVN Server Manager.
  • Revamp the full/incremental backup job scheme selection in VisualSVN Server Manager.
  • Automatically stop and restart relevant VisualSVN Server services during an in-place conversion between the FSFS and VDFS repository formats.
  • Relevant VisualSVN Server services now log a warning when an unsupported network share protocol is used to access the repositories root directory.
  • Show file sizes in the Get-SvnRepositoryItem PowerShell cmdlet.
  • Hide the default PowerShell copyright banner in the VisualSVN Server PowerShell console.
  • Prompt to break locks when deleting a locked file or folder with locks in VisualSVN Server Manager.
  • Fixed: incorrect state icons after renaming a repository item in VisualSVN Server Manager.
  • Fixed: find in page doesn't work properly when viewing multi-page PDF files in the web interface.
  • Fixed: low-quality PDF rendering after changing the zoom level in the web interface.
  • Fixed: certain HTTP service warnings may be logged multiple times.
  • Updated to SQLite 3.41.2.
  • Updated to PDF.js 3.4.120.
  • Various UI refinements.