This page provides maintenance downloads for VisualSVN Server 4.2.x version family.

Please, upgrade to the current version that is available on the main download page.

Version 4.2.3 [ Download 32-bit | Download 64-bit ]

  • Updated to Apache HTTP Server 2.4.46 with fixes for the following vulnerabilities: CVE-2020-9490, CVE-2020-11993, CVE-2020-11984.
  • Updated to OpenSSL 1.1.1h.
  • Updated Expat XML parser to version 2.2.10.
  • Updated to PCRE 8.44.
  • Fixed: performance issue with finding files in Chromium-based browsers.
  • Fixed: memory leaks when viewing the background jobs history.

Version 4.2.1 [ Download 32-bit | Download 64-bit ]

  • Fixed: WMI provider (hosted in WmiPrvSE.exe) may crash when restoring a repository from backup.

Version 4.2.0 [Release Notes] [ Download 32-bit | Download 64-bit ]

Main enhancements

  • New feature: Finding files by name in the web interface.
  • New feature: Viewing the background jobs history.
  • Managing local Subversion users, groups and their permissions with PowerShell.

Web interface enhancements

  • Add a capability to go to a specific line of a file in the Commit view.
  • PDF viewer renders a few subsequent pages upfront, improving the viewing experience.
  • Display text files up to 5MB. Files larger than 1MB are rendered with no syntax highlighting or Markdown formatting.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are independent of the active keyboard layout.
  • Remove compatibility code which uses the specific "moz-chunked-arraybuffer" response type.
  • Selecting the entire page no longer captures the footer line.

PowerShell enhancements

  • New PowerShell cmdlets to manage Subversion user accounts: Get-SvnLocalUser, New-SvnLocalUser, Remove-SvnLocalUser, Set-SvnLocalUser.
  • New PowerShell cmdlets to manage Subversion group accounts: Get-SvnLocalGroup, New-SvnLocalGroup, Remove-SvnLocalGroup, Add-SvnLocalGroupMember, Get-SvnLocalGroupMember, Remove-SvnLocalGroupMember.
  • Add new TransactionCount property showing the number of uncommitted transactions available with the Measure-SvnRepository cmdlet.
  • Add support for Subversion authentication to permission management PowerShell cmdlets.

Other changes

  • New Multi-Processing Module (MPM) dynamically adapting to workload.
  • Do not backup rep-cache.db. Recreate the rep-cache file when restoring a repository from backup instead.
  • Significantly reduce memory requirements for restoring large repository backups.
  • Disallow creating user and group accounts with the same names but with different letter case.
  • Disable 3DES cipher suites in the Intermediate TLS/SSL compatibility level.
  • Display the number of uncommitted repository transactions in the Details tab of VisualSVN Server Manager.
  • Schedule background jobs to start exactly at zero seconds of the time specified (e.g. at 09:35:00).
  • Add icons for service executable files to improve their appearance in Task Manager.
  • Use BCrypt instead of deprecated CryptoAPI to decode and check license.
  • Fixed: "Operation failed due to timeout" error in an attempt to stop HTTP service via VisualSVN Server Manager.
  • Fixed: HTTP service may fail to start due to Server Bindings customization possibly left from the previous installation.
  • Updated Expat XML parser to version 2.2.9.
  • Updated to Mousetrap v1.6.3.