This page provides maintenance downloads for VisualSVN Server 3.6.x version family.

Newer VisualSVN Server 3.7 version is already available on the main download page.

Version 3.6.2 (Not released)

Version 3.6.1 [ Download 32-bit | Download 64-bit ]

  • Improve VDFS connection management to better handle network issues.
  • Add application manifest for VisualSVNServer.exe and openssl.exe.
  • Add missing version information for libsvn_swig-py-1.dll.
  • Fixed: unable to access the server when the hostname contains an underscore ('_') character.
  • Fixed: VisualSVN Server Manager does not refresh icons in some cases.
  • Fixed: icons are scaled incorrectly in VisualSVN Repository Configurator on High-DPI displays.
  • Fixed: incorrect formatting of the SSLCompatiblityLevel property in Get-SvnServerConfiguration PowerShell cmdlet.

Version 3.6.0 [Release Notes] [ Download 32-bit | Download 64-bit ]

Main enhancements

  • New feature: Backup and Restore for Subversion repositories.
  • New feature: Background Job Service with support for repository backup and verification jobs.
  • Add option to configure TLS/SSL compatibility levels.
  • Add option to redirect clients from HTTP to HTTPS automatically.
  • Add option to customize the size of Subversion memory object cache.

VisualSVN Server Manager improvements

  • Revamp the VisualSVN Server Properties dialog.
  • Display determinate progress for all potentially long-running operations.
  • Display progress indicator on the VisualSVN Server Manager's taskbar button.
  • Display an extra tooltip with access rule information on repository 'Security' dialog.
  • New icons for repositories, directories and files.
  • Fixed: unable to cancel running 'Perform Consistency Check' operation.
  • A number of other minor improvements and refinements.

Web interface enhancements

  • Display last changed date when browsing the repository contents.
  • Display commit date when viewing the particular revision.
  • Enable syntax highlighting for TypeScript files ('*.ts').
  • Do not display contents of files that are larger than 1MB.
  • Combine JavaScript resources into one file.

Other changes

  • Configure Windows Defender exclusions for VisualSVN Server services.
  • Fixed: potential race condition when running 'Set-SvnRepository' and 'Suspend-SvnRepository' PowerShell cmdlets.
  • Fixed: incorrect cmdlet output formatting in PowerShell 5.
  • Updated to SQLite 3.15.2.