VisualSVN for Visual Studio provides the following main features.

Live Status

VisualSVN instantaneously displays any change made to the working copy, including property changes, folder changes and changes made to files that are not included in the solution.

Traffic-lights status

An intuitive way to display status: green for unmodified items, yellow for changed ones and red for conflicts and other errors.

Status is cumulative

Traffic-lights status is computed recursively: folders are always marked as yellow if they contain yellow (means changed) subitems.

Real-time status

Status is incrementally recomputed in the background process and gets updated immediately after any change.

Status is editor-aware

Even unsaved changes just performed in the editor are instantaneously considered and displayed.

Status for everything

Cumulative traffic-light status is displayed for physical folders, filters (in C++ projects) and for solution folders.

Whole working copy tracking

VisualSVN considers status of items that are not included in the current solution: you get notified about any change in your working copy.

Entire working copy status

Always visible indicator in the Visual Studio's status bar displays cumulative status for the entire working copy.

Locked files indicator

Another special icon in the status bar is displayed when you have any locked files in the working copy.

Review Changes

VisualSVN comes with complete solution to review all changes made in your solution. You can easily see which changes have been made, iterate through changed files and resolve merge conflicts inside of Visual Studio.

Pending Changes window

Pending Changes window displays all the current changes made in the working copy. You can open the window using Alt+1 shortcut.

Review modified files

Pending Changes window allows you to iterate through modified files using thе F8 and Shift+F8 keyboard shortcuts.

Built-in Visual Studio Diff tool

Integration with the built-in Visual Studio Diff tool allows you to review file changes with syntax highlighting, IntelliSense and third-party refactoring tools available.

Built-in Visual Studio Merge tool

Integration with the built-in Visual Studio Merge tool allows you to resolve merge conflicts right inside the IDE.

Quick Diff

The Quick Diff feature allows you to assess, review and quickly navigate between changed blocks of code and selectively revert them. Quick Diff markers are shown right in the editor and are computed and updated instantaneously. This is the flagship feature that dramatically changes your coding and code review behaviour.

'Track changes' replacement

Quick Diff markers are displayed for lines that were changed since the last commit.

Navigation between changes

It's easy to cycle through changed blocks of code using the Alt+[ and Alt+] keyboard shortcuts.

Quick Revert

It's easy to revert specific change block using the Ctrl+Alt+Z keyboard shortcut.

Overview margin

The Quick Diff Overview margin appears next to the code editor's scroll bar and allows you to assess where there are changes in the file.

File Operations Tracking

VisualSVN tracks all file operations performed in Visual Studio and properly reflects them to Subversion. All refactorings performed by third-party plug-ins are also properly handled and reflected to your working copy.

Automatic add for all items

Automatically adds every created file or folder to Subversion.

Transparent file operations

Drag & Drop, Copy & Paste and Save As all cause the right thing to happen in your working copy.

Transparent refactoring

All refactoring performed by built-in or third-party tools are properly reflected to Subversion.

Automatic lock

Automatically prompts to lock files marked by a ‘svn:needs-lock’ property.

Easy Start

We strive to make VisualSVN as user-friendly as possible providing you with a handy wizards to help you start using Subversion in a in a couple of clicks.

Add Solution to Subversion Wizard

Helps to properly add projects to Subversion in a couple of clicks.

Get Solution from Subversion Wizard

Allows to check-out a project that is already stored in a repository.

TortoiseSVN integration

There is practically no learning curve for those who are familiar with TortoiseSVN.

Polished usability

Complete and comfortable integration of Subversion into Visual Studio is also achieved by a carefully designed menus, dedicated toolbar and other features that are invisible at first sight.

Useful context menu

VisualSVN context menu is available in all places where you do need it.

Keyboard friendly

All the common Subversion commands can be quickly accessed via keyboard shortcuts.


VisualSVN provides a handy toolbar with the common Subversion operations bound.

Hot Switch

Allows you to switch between branches using a combo-box at the VisualSVN's toolbar.

Professional grade product

VisualSVN is a professional grade Subversion integration plug-in. Being designed and built specifically for enterprise customers, VisualSVN provides an excellent level of stability, usability and robustness.

Genuine Subversion

VisualSVN is built against official Subversion binaries and does not depend on 3-rd party Subversion bindings.

Out-of-process unmanaged code execution

Out-of-process execution ensures that Visual Studio will never crash or hang because of VisualSVN.

Try VisualSVN for Visual Studio

Available for all versions of Microsoft Visual Studio.