This VisualSVN Server package is a release candidate intended for pre-release testing only. The usual caveats apply including the facts that there are known issues and no downgrade or upgrade path is promised between the pre-release and the officially released versions.

Please, report any issues through the online feedback form or contact VisualSVN Team directly at

What's new in VisualSVN Server 3.6

  • New feature: Backup and Restore for Subversion repositories.
  • New feature: Background Job service with support for backup and repository verification jobs.
  • New feature: Configurable TLS/SSL compatibility levels.
  • Option to enable automatic client redirection from HTTP to HTTPS.
  • Revamped VisualSVN Server Properties dialog.

Backup and Restore for Subversion repositories

VisualSVN Server 3.6 will introduce Backup & Restore feature that supports full and incremental backups and provides an easy, fast and straightforward way to restore them when needed.

Follow these steps to add a new scheduled backup job:

  1. Start VisualSVN Server Manager console.
  2. Right-click Jobs and click Create Backup Job. A wizard dialog opens.
  3. Follow the wizard to complete the task.

Configurable TLS/SSL security compatibility levels

Beginning with version 3.6, VisualSVN Server will allow administrators to choose from three TLS/SSL security compatibility levels that enable certain versions of TLS or SSL protocols and certain cipher suites. These levels help administrators to select the compatibility and security level that best suits their environment and requirements.

The main idea for the compatibility levels in VisualSVN Server corresponds to the recommendations provided by Mozilla Operations Security. The compatibility levels configuration follows the recommendations with minor adjustments.

This configurable option is available on Network tab on VisualSVN Server Properties dialog in VisualSVN Server Manager console.