VisualSVN Server 3.9.0 RC1 is a release candidate that is intended mostly for pre-release testing. However, you can install it on production servers too, because this release candidate is compiled with the official Subversion 1.10.0 build and you can expect an easy upgrade path to the upcoming final VisualSVN Server 3.9 builds.

Please, report any issues through the online feedback form or contact VisualSVN Team directly at

What's new in VisualSVN Server 3.9

Performance improvements

  • Significantly reduced CPU usage for HTTP compression during common operations.
  • Improved performance with large files.
  • Improved commit performance into slave VDFS repositories.
  • Improved performance over WAN on Windows Server 2012 and later.
  • Optimized speed of repository dump import.

Other changes

  • Disable fulltext cache in vdfssvc.exe.
  • Revamped the Upgrade Repository Format dialog.
  • New VisualSVNServerHooks.exe subcommand to check the commit log message.
  • New Update-SvnRepository PowerShell cmdlet to upgrade the repositories.
  • Display the compression algorithm on the Details tab in the Properties dialog of a repository.
  • Display the compression algorithm in the output of Get-SvnRepository PowerShell cmdlet.
  • Minor visual improvements in the web interface.
  • Updated to SQLite 3.22.0.