VisualSVN Server 1.6 Release Notes

We are glad to announce the new and improved version of the popular all-in-one Subversion server package for Windows platform - VisualSVN Server 1.6. This release brings important improvements such as the certificate management and advanced IP configuration.

Note that version synchronization between VisualSVN Server and Subversion is discontinued as VisualSVN Server project is going faster. VisualSVN Server 1.6 is built against the latest stable versions of the accompanying components: Subversion 1.5.3 and Apache 2.2.9.

Certificate Management

VisualSVN Server Manager displays certificate information and the new wizard helps you in managing the server certificate. Using friendly UI you can:

  • Create a new self-signed certificate.
  • Prepare a request for the certificate to be sent to Certification Authority.
  • Import signed certificate to be used by VisualSVN Server.

Advanced Server Binding Configuration

Advanced server binding configuration allows you to bind VisualSVN Server on the particular IP addresses.

Folder Creation and Deletion

Now you can modify the structure of the repository right inside the VisualSVN Server Manager.

Simple Email Notifications

To help your team be more connected and simplify the discussion of the source code changes you can setup VisualSVN Server to send all commits as email messages.

Read the knowledge base article to find out how to configure email notifications.

Case-sensitivity Check

Subversion is a multi-platform technology and due to the different approaches to case-sensitivity on Unix and on Windows there is a possible problem. If you have managed to add two files to a folder with file names differing only by case of the letters then you will not be able to checkout them on Windows.

Now VisualSVN Server can be configured to prevent such problem by enforcing case-insensitivity of file names in commits.

Read the knowledge base article to find more detailed information.

Logging to the Event Log

VisualSVN Server doesn't create a log file in repositories folder anymore. All the important warning and error events are logged to the standard Event Log and you can see them in the Application category in the Event Viewer.

Upgrading from VisualSVN Server 1.5.x

Upgrading from older versions of VisualSVN Server is easy as usual. Run the installation of the new version and just click "Next" several times. Uninstalling of the older version is not recommended - the server parameters customization (such as port number etc.) will be lost in that case.


VisualSVN Server 1.6 is freely available from our website. Download it and enjoy!