VisualSVN Server 1.1 Release Notes

We are glad to announce the new and improved version of the popular all-in-one Subversion server package for Windows platform - VisualSVN Server 1.1. This release brings several face-lifting enhancements and adds the long-awaited Windows Authentication feature.

New Features

  • Windows Authentication

    Authentication mode selection Now you do not have to maintain separate user accounts for Subversion server and for Windows domain. Simply switch radio-button in VisualSVN Server properties and all your users will be able to use their Windows credentials to access Subversion.

    Note: It's strongly recommended to use secure protocol (https) for your server. In that case all your data (including passwords) will be transmitted in a ciphered form.

  • Dashboard

    Dashboard Complete server status information is available on a single page in VisualSVN Server Manager. Dashboard also provides links to the most useful commands and configuration dialogs.

  • Server Configuration

    Server configuration Complete server configuration is available via VisualSVN Server Manager. On the server properties page you can change repositories folder, server port number, enable secure connection and switch authentication mode.

  • Improvements and Bugfixes

    There are many others improvements like a command for importing existing repositories, customization of web-server parameters (for advanced users) etc. For full list of changes please read VisualSVN Server changelog.

Upgrading from VisualSVN Server 1.0.x

As usual upgrading from older versions of VisualSVN Server is very easy. Run installation of the new version and click "Next" several times. Uninstalling of the older version is not recommended - customization of server parameters (port number etc.) will be lost.

Note: in case you have made any changes to httpd.conf file please copy them to httpd-custom.conf file before upgrading to version 1.1.


VisualSVN Server 1.1 is freely available from our website. Download it and enjoy!