VisualSVN 2.0 Released

We are delighted to announce the new and improved version of the professional Subversion integration for Microsoft Visual Studio - VisualSVN 2.0.

This release brings improved performance and full compatibility with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Our focus on rock-solid stability and polished usability continues in VisualSVN 2.0.

Support for Visual Studio 2010

All VisualSVN features such as real-time QuickDiff markers and traffic-lights visual status indicators are now fully compatible with Visual Studio 2010.

Improved performance

Performance is one of VisualSVN strengths, but we work hard to make it even faster. In VisualSVN 2.0 initial memory footprint is reduced, support for legacy Visual Studio 2003 is dropped and performance is boosted.

Upgrading from VisualSVN 1.x

VisualSVN licenses issued on or after 15 October 2009 qualify for a free upgrade to VisualSVN 2.0. Licenses issued before 15 October 2009 require an upgrade purchase for VisualSVN 2.0. For a limited time, you can upgrade to VisualSVN 2.0 with a 50% discount. Upgrade online today.

If you are switching to Visual Studio 2010 you will need to upgrade to VisualSVN 2.0. The upgrade is also recommended for all customers who want to benefit from the enhanced performance.

We continue to provide maintenance updates for VisualSVN 1.7.x.


Download VisualSVN 2.0 today.