VisualSVN Team offers free licenses for active open source non-for-profit projects. To apply for an Open Source Developer license, please make sure that you qualify according to the following criteria:
  • You are an active project member.
  • Your project has public Subversion repository.
  • Your project is active and you have recent commits in the repository.
  • Your community is active and you have recent activity on the project's newsgroups, forums or bug trackers.
  • You release updated builds on a regular basis.

An Open Source Developer license has the following terms and conditions:
  • Licensed to all project members;
  • Eligible projects must be both open-source and non-commercial;
  • Eligible projects must have a public home page
Please see the End-User License Agreement for detailed license terms and agreement.

To apply for an Open Source Developer license, please fill out the following form. Fields marked by red star are mandatory.
Project Name: *
Project URL: *
Subversion Repository URL: *
Project Description: *
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Please note that you need to somehow proof that you are an active member of your project. So please leave us a e-mail that we can found on your project's page. For example, you can leave us your SourceForge's account e-mail. Please fill out the additional information field if you can't leave us such kind of e-mail.
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