VisualSVN Documentation

Examining History

Your Subversion repository is like a time machine. It keeps a record of every change ever committed, and allows you to explore this history by examining previous versions of files and directories as well as the metadata that accompanies them. With VisualSVN, you can check out the repository (or restore an existing working copy) exactly as it was at any date or revision number in the past.

However, sometimes you just want to peer into the past instead of going into the past. You can choose the VisualSVN | Show Log main menu command to view the history of all changes ever committed in your repository.

TortoiseSVN's Log Messages window

After launching the Show Log command from the main menu you'll see the whole history of your working copy root. You also can view the log for a particular file or folder by launching the Show Log command from the context popup menu in Solution Explorer.