VisualSVN 8.1 Release Notes

VisualSVN 8.1 improves support for the Open Folder mode, adds IPv6 support and has several fixes.

For the complete list of changes, see the VisualSVN 8.1.0 changelog.

You can download the latest VisualSVN 8.1 build from the official download page.

Better integration with the Open Folder (Folder View) mode

We improved how VisualSVN integrates with the Open Folder mode. Now all file and folder additions, renames and deletes are automatically tracked and scheduled for the next commit.

As a separate enhancement, the auxiliary .svn folder is no longer displayed in this mode and is no longer searched, as this was cluttering the search results.

IPv6 support

VisualSVN 8.1 adds support for the IPv6 protocol. All the built-in VisualSVN features such as the Add Solution to Subversion wizard and Commit Selection are now capable of communicating using IPv6. This makes it possible to use the VisualSVN plug-in on IPv6-only networks and with IPv6-dependent services such as Microsoft DirectAccess.

Upgrading existing licenses to VisualSVN 8.1

All VisualSVN 8.x licenses are eligible for a free upgrade to VisualSVN 8.1. The upgrade to VisualSVN 8.1 is also free if you use VisualSVN under the Community license.

If you don't qualify for a free upgrade, you can purchase an upgrade to VisualSVN 8.1 using the online purchase form.