VisualSVN 7.1 adds support for multiple working copies within a single solution and brings an update to the latest regular (non-LTS) Apache Subversion 1.12 release.

See the changelog for the complete list of changes.

You can download the latest VisualSVN 7.1 build from the official download page.

Multiple working copies within a single solution

VisualSVN 7.0 and older require the solution file and all the projects to be located under the same filesystem subtree in a single working copy. VisualSVN 7.1 introduces support for multiple working copies within a single solution.

All working copies in your solution now show up in the Pending Changes window, where all common operations such as Update and Commit can be performed on them using the context menu. Most of the global commands in VisualSVN's main menu and the traffic-light status in Solution Explorer respect the multiple working copies too.

VisualSVN Multiple Working Copies

While it is still generally recommended to follow a single working copy approach (which is not affected by the new functionality), support for multiple working copies enhances the VisualSVN plug-in's capabilities for web development projects and for projects with complex solution layout. It also comes in useful when migrating from other source control systems.

Upgrading existing licenses to VisualSVN 7.1

All VisualSVN 7.0 licenses are eligible for a free upgrade to VisualSVN 7.1. VisualSVN 6.x licenses issued on or after December 4th, 2018 are eligible for a free upgrade, too.

The upgrade to VisualSVN 7.1 is free if you use VisualSVN under the Community license.

You can purchase an upgrade to VisualSVN 7.1 using the online purchase form.