VisualSVN 1.6 Release Notes

We are glad to announce the new and improved version of the professional Subversion integration for Microsoft Visual Studio - VisualSVN 1.6. This release brings significant usability improvements such as Quick Revert and editor-aware status features.

Note that version synchronization between VisualSVN and Subversion is discontinued as VisualSVN project is going faster. VisualSVN 1.6 is built against the latest stable Subversion 1.5.4.

New Features

Quick Revert

With the well known VisualSVN's Quick Diff feature you see all changed parts of your files in the real-time. The new Revert Selection command allows you to quickly revert selected changes. You can choose Revert Selection command from context menu or just run it by Ctrl+Alt+Z shortcut. Revert Selection command is integrated with the standard Undo/Redo stack so you will find this new VisualSVN's feature very useful!

Editor-aware status

The famous traffic-lights status becomes more precise. Now it considers even unsaved changes made in the editor.

Hot switch

Now you are able to switch between branches using combo-box at VisualSVN's toolbar. This is very handy when your are actively working on several branches. The UI is clean and user friendly.

Free upgrade from VisualSVN 1.5.x

The upgrade to VisualSVN 1.6 is free for all licensed users of VisualSVN. There is no need to uninstall previous version - just install the new one on top of it.


Follow to the download page to get VisualSVN 1.6 and enjoy new level of productivity!