VisualSVN 1.4 Release Notes

We are glad to announce new and improved version of the professional Subversion integration for Microsoft Visual Studio - VisualSVN 1.4. This release pushes code changes management to the next level of productivity.

New Features

  • Quick Diff

    Quick Diff Reviewing changes has never been so easy. Now you don't have to open separate diff window and remember locations of edited code blocks. VisualSVN marks in real-time the text lines changed since original version of the file and offers convenient navigation between them.

    Instead of pressing Page Up/Page Down several times and looking for changes just press Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down and jump to the next change immediatelly.

  • Toolbar

    Toolbar You don't need to remember curent code branch you are working on. There is current repository URL displayed on the VisualSVN toolbar and you can easily switch to another code branch from there. Buttons for the most common Subversion commands also make the life a bit easier.

  • Add Solution Wizard Add Solution

    First steps in using VisualSVN might have been non-trivial if you are not a Subversion expert. But with the brand new "Add Solution to Subversion" wizard it's just a piece of cake. The wizard automatically detects all potential problems and makes everything simple and intuitive.

  • Improvements and Bugfixes

    This release contains many stability fixes and improvements (eg. command-line tools included by default, digitally signed installation package and more). For full list of changes please read VisualSVN changelog.

Upgrading from VisualSVN 1.3.x

The upgrade to VisualSVN 1.4 is free for all licensed users of VisualSVN. No need to uninstall previous version - simply install new one on top of it.


Follow to the download page to get VisualSVN 1.4 and enjoy new level of productivity!