Choosing correct accounts to grant the replication access

Replication links between a master repository and its slaves are maintained by VDFS services running on all the partner servers. Prior to joining a replication partnership, a slave VDFS service must first be granted the replication access. This access needs to be granted on two levels: first, general replication access to the master server VDFS service, and second, the replication permission on a specific master repository.

The replication access is granted to accounts which impersonate the slave VDFS services. In practice, these will be either Active Directory computer accounts of the slave servers or dedicated VDFS service accounts. Determine and select the correct accounts depending on your configuration:

  • Computer accounts of the slave servers. If your slave VDFS service runs as Network Service, as it does by default, then use the slave computer account in your Active Directory domain to grant replication access on the master repository.

    For example, if the slave VDFS service runs as Network Service on a domain computer named devserver, then you will have to grant the replication permissions to devserver Active Directory computer account.

  • Dedicated VDFS service accounts. If you have created a dedicated domain account for the VDFS service, grant the replication permission to such an account.

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