Upgrade VisualSVN to Apache Subversion 1.13

We are glad to officially introduce VisualSVN 7.2, 6.6 and 5.5 for Visual Studio which are built on Apache Subversion 1.13.

Upgrade to the latest versions of VisualSVN plug-in is recommended for all users. Latest VisualSVN builds are available on the official download page.

What’s new in Apache Subversion 1.13

Apache Subversion 1.13 is the latest regular (non-LTS) release that includes several improvements and bug fixes. For the complete list of changes, please refer to the Apache Subversion 1.13 Release Notes.

Non-LTS releases are made available every 6 months and designated to deliver new features and enhancements in a timely fashion. See the details on the Apache Subversion Roadmap page.

Upgrade for VisualSVN (a plug-in for Visual Studio)

Select the appropriate VisualSVN plug-in version with respect to your Visual Studio version:

The upgrade procedure is straightforward and does not require upgrading your working copies. To fully benefit from the improvements made in Apache Subversion 1.13, consider an upgrade to the latest TortoiseSVN version. Installation files are available on the download page.

VisualSVN Server compatibility

Clients based on Subversion 1.13 are fully compatible with VisualSVN Server 4.1 that is built on Subversion 1.10.

We draw your attention that Subversion 1.10 is the latest available Long-Term Support release. Given that no significant server-side or protocol-related changes have been introduced in subsequent regular Subversion 1.11, 1.12, 1.13 releases, VisualSVN Server 4.1 functionality is entirely consistent with any of those non-LTS releases.