When trying to create a slave repository, you may receive the following error message:

Access is denied to the master repository

Please make sure the master repository name is correct and appropriate replication permissions are configured for the master repository.


This error indicates that the VDFS service on the slave server is unable to access the master VDFS repository. This particular error can be caused by the following conditions:

  • Master repository name is incorrect.
  • The repository is not a master VDFS repository.
  • Repository replication is disabled for the master repository.
  • Replication permissions do not allow the slave VDFS service to access the master VDFS repository.


  • Make sure that you enter the correct master repository name. If you enter an incorrect master repository name, then the following error will be logged to the master server's VisualSVN Server Replication log:
    Failed to check access to repository 'master-repository': Directory 'C:\Repositories\master-repository' does not exist.
  • Make sure that the repository is a VDFS master repository:
    1. Open VisualSVN Server Manager on the master server.
    2. Click the Repositories node.
    3. Locate the repository in the list on the right pane and check its type. The type must be "VDFS (master)".
  • Make sure that the repository replication is enabled in the master repository settings.
    1. Open VisualSVN Server Manager on the master server.
    2. Right-click the required master repository name and choose Properties.
    3. Switch to Replication tab.
    4. Verify that 'Enable repository replication' is checked.
  • Make sure that replication permissions set on the master repository allows the replication to the slave VDFS service. You have to add the account which runs the slave VDFS service to the list of computers and users allowed to replicate the master repository. Refer to KB69: Granting permissions to replicate a particular master repository article for a more detailed guidance.

See also

KB68: Getting started with VDFS replication in an Active Directory environment

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