Unexpected 'VisualSVN Server is not installed' error is shown in the management console


This article provides steps to resolve the problem that occurs when all VisualSVN Server components are installed, but the management console displays the following message:

VisualSVN Server is not installed on the target computer

An attempt to remotely administer the VisualSVN Server installation fails with the error message:

VisualSVN Server is not installed on the computer 'servername'


This problem usually indicates an invalid or corrupt registration of the VisualSVN Server WMI provider. One known common cause of that is performing an in-place upgrade of the Windows installation.


Choose one of the following methods to solve the problem.

Method #1: Repair VisualSVN Server installation through Programs and Features

Follow these steps to repair your VisualSVN Server installation through Programs and Features:

  1. Start the Control Panel and open Programs and Features.
  2. Select VisualSVN Server and click Repair.
  3. Follow the steps of the wizard to finish the repair.
When repairing VisualSVN Server installation, Windows Installer will restart all VisualSVN Server services, and the server may become unavailable for up to several minutes. Choose Method #2 to avoid restarting the services.

Method #2: Re-register VisualSVN Server WMI provider by running mofcomp tool

Follow these steps to re-register the VisualSVN Server WMI provider:

  1. Start a Command Prompt (cmd.exe) as an Administrator.
  2. Run the following command:
    mofcomp "%VISUALSVN_SERVER%WMI\VisualSVNServer.mof"
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