Using the Set Working Copy Root command

The VisualSVN | Set Working Copy Root command is used to set a relative path between a directory containing a solution file and a working copy. The VisualSVN plug-in determines the Working Copy Root path automatically. Cases that may require editing this path manually are discussed below.

Be aware that working copy root setting is stored in a solution file and will affect other collaborators once the change is committed. Typically, it is applied just once to initially set up your local working copy.

Dealing with a large working copy

Changing the default working copy root may be helpful for large working copies. If you do not need to see the changes for the entire working copy you may instruct the VisualSVN plug-in to only track changes of one particular subdirectory. To do so, use the Set Working Copy Root command and specify a path to a chosen working copy subdirectory.

Setting working copy root in case of unversioned solution file

If your solution file is not under version control, the VisualSVN plug-in cannot determine the working copy root automatically. As a result, Show Log, Branch, Switch and Merge commands will be disabled in the main menu. To enable these commands use the Set Working Copy Root command to specify the path to your working copy manually.

Using multiple working copies within a single solution

If your solution projects span across multiple working copies, VisualSVN automatically sets the Working Copy root path to a working copy containing a solution file. Read the KB7: Using Multiple Working Copies in VisualSVN for more information about using multiple working copies.

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