Reaching search scope limit when finding files in the Web Interface

VisualSVN Server Web Interface lets you find files stored in a repository. There are some recommendations to help you avoid incomplete results when searching through enormously large repositories.


Searching with the web interface user receives the following error message:

Search scope is too wide, results may be incomplete.

Technical Background

Web interface file finder can recursively search for any kind of entity stored in the repository, whether it is a certain file, folder, tag, or branch. Search can also be performed in repository subfolders as well as at any given revision.

However, there are a few limitations users have to be aware of:

  • Search provides up to 20 results.
  • Search can process up to 500,000 files and folders. If the search scope exceeds this number, the user will receive "Search scope is too wide, results may be incomplete" message.


If you have not found a file you were looking for and received the "Search scope is too wide, results may be incomplete" message, try to narrow the search scope.

For instance, searching through the root directory of a large project you have failed to find the "non-existing-file.txt" file along with receiving the message about search scope being too wide. The next step would be to try searching through the project's trunk directory. Assuming the trunk has less than 500,000 files you will either find the file or verify it is not there.

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