Selecting repositories to verify

Applies to: VisualSVN Server 3.6 and later

When you add a new scheduled verification job, VisualSVN Server allows you to select the repositories to be verified up by the new job. The following selection options are available:

  • All repositories: verify all repositories
  • These repositories: verify a selection of repositories

Every Subversion repository hosted on VisualSVN Server can be selected for several verification jobs — live repository can be safely verified by several jobs concurrently without service interruptions.

All repositories

If you select to verify all repositories, the new job will always verify all repositories hosted on the VisualSVN Server instance including the repositories that do not exist yet and will be created later. All the repositories you create later will be processed by this verification job.

These repositories

If you select to verify these repositories, you will have to select particular repositories the verification job will process. The new verification job will process only the selected repositories.

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