Choosing backup destination

Applies to: VisualSVN Server 3.6 and 3.7

Please consider newer version of the article if you use VisualSVN Server 3.8 and later: KB137: Choosing backup destination.

Each backup job has a destination folder associated with it. By default, VisualSVN Server creates a dedicated folder for each job in C:\Users\Public\Documents\VisualSVN Server\Backup and saves the backups to the folder that belongs to a particular backup job. However, it is recommended to adjust the default settings in the following way:

  • it is preferred to store your backups on a network share or on a separate physical drive that is not used as a repository storage,
  • each job should be configured to store backups in its own folder.

It is possible to adjust the default backup destination via VisualSVN Server Manager console for all new backup jobs. However, reconfiguring the default backup destination location does not affect existing backup jobs.

In order to configure scheduled backup and run it successfully, the account that runs the VisualSVN Background Job Service service must have appropriate permissions to the backup destination. Required permissions differ depending on whether your backup destination is on a local disk or on a network share.

To ensure that restore from backup will be smooth, it is also recommended to grant Read access to the members of VisualSVN Server Admins group. This step is optional, though.

Permissions required for backup destination on a local disk

The following NTFS permissions should be configured for the backup destination on a local disk.

Account NTFS permission
NT SERVICE\vsvnjobsvc Modify
VisualSVN Server Admins Read & Execute

Permissions required for backup destination on a network share

By default, VisualSVN Background Job Service runs under NT AUTHORITY\Network Service built-in user account. Services that log on and run as NT AUTHORITY\Network Service account access network resources using the credentials of the computer account (for example, DOMAIN\Computer$). If you plan to use a network share as the backup destination location, you must provide the server's computer account with NTFS and share permissions to the backup destination location.

The following NTFS permissions should be configured for the backup destination on a network share.

Account NTFS permission
Computer account (e.g. DOMAIN\Computer$) Modify
Accounts of VisualSVN Server administrators Read & Execute

The following share permissions should be configured too (in addition to the NTFS permissions above).

Account Share permission
Computer account (e.g. DOMAIN\Computer$) Change
Accounts of VisualSVN Server administrators Read
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