Installing VisualSVN Server from the Command Prompt

VisualSVN Server is distributed as a Windows Installer package (*.msi) and can be easily installed and upgraded in an unattended mode. The simplest command line to install VisualSVN Server 3.4.0 in non-interactive mode with default settings is the following:

msiexec /i VisualSVN-Server-3.4.0-x64.msi /qb

The table below describes available custom properties that can be specified when installing VisualSVN Server in unattended mode. If a property is not specified, it will use its default value, therefore you can skip specifying a property if you don’t need to change its default value.

Property name Description Accepted values Default value
INSTALLDIR VisualSVN Server installation directory Any file system path C:\Program Files\
SERVERPORT IP port for HTTP connections Any available port number 80
SSLSERVERPORT IP port for HTTPS connections Any available port number 443
SVNREPODIR Repositories Root directory Any file system or UNC path C:\Repositories
USE_SSL Select to use secure (HTTPS) or non-secure (HTTP) connections 0 for HTTP
1 for HTTPS
LICENSE_KEY Enterprise Edition license key that has to be specified to install Enterprise Edition VisualSVN Server Enterprise Edition License key formatted in single line None. VisualSVN Server Standard Edition installs by default
All the above settings except INSTALLDIR can be modified after VisualSVN Server installation using VisualSVN Server Manager console.

In addition to the above options, you are able to specify which VisualSVN Server components should be installed. The table below describes VisualSVN Server components which can be selected for the installation by specifying them as ADDLOCAL property values. By default, VisualSVN Server installs with all components enabled.

Property name Accepted values Description
ADDLOCAL AddSvnToPath Add Subversion command-line tools (such as svn.’exe’ and ‘svnadmin.exe’) to the PATH environment variable
Manager Install VisualSVN Server Administration Tools:
  • VisualSVN Server Manager MMC console
  • VisualSVN Server PowerShell module
Server Install VisualSVN Server
RegisterPythonBindings Register Python bindings included with VisualSVN Server in Windows Registry
All Install all components. This is the default value for ADDLOCAL property

Standard msiexec.exe command-line options can be used with VisualSVN Server Windows Installer package as well. The options and parameters of msiexec.exe tool are described in the MSDN whitepaper Standard Installer Command-Line Options.


  • Install VisualSVN Server 3.4.0 in non-interactive mode specifying C:\MySubversionServer as server’s installation directory, use plain HTTP and listen on port 8080.
    msiexec /i "VisualSVN-Server-3.4.0-x64.msi" /qb INSTALLDIR=C:\MySubversionServer USE_SSL="" SERVERPORT=8080
  • Install VisualSVN Server Administration Tools only. This command line can be used for unattended deployment of VisualSVN Server Manager console without installing the server itself to manage remote VisualSVN Server instances.
    msiexec /i VisualSVN-Server-3.4.0-x64.msi /qb ADDLOCAL=Manager
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