Enabling and starting VDFS service

Replication links between a master repository and its slaves are maintained by a service named VisualSVN Distributed File System Service (also referred to as 'VDFS service') running on all the partner servers.

The VDFS service is disabled by default. You are required to enable this service on all the replication partners to get started with the repository replication functionality.

Determine the current state of the VDFS service

To determine the current state of the VDFS service on a particular computer where VisualSVN Server is installed, open VisualSVN Server Manager and refer to the Status section of the dashboard.

There are three possible status messages that can be displayed:

  • VDFS service is disabled. This is the default state after the VisualSVN Server installation. The service is disabled and, therefore, unable to process any repository replication requests.
  • VDFS service is running. The service is started and running.
  • VDFS service is stopped. The service is stopped for some reason.

Alternatively, you can open the standard Services MMC snap-in and check the current state of VisualSVN Distributed File System Service.

How to enable the VDFS service

To enable the VDFS service on a particular computer, follow these steps:

  1. Start VisualSVN Server Manager.
  2. Click the Enable link next to the dashboard message 'VDFS service is disabled'.
  3. Click Yes in the confirmation dialog.

The VDFS service will be enabled and started.

How to start/stop/restart the VDFS service

When the VDFS service is enabled, you can use VisualSVN Server Manager to start, stop and restart the service. Use the standard set of main menu commands and the toolbar buttons to manage the state of both the HTTP and the VDFS services.

For example, if VDFS service is stopped, follow these steps to start it:

  1. Start VisualSVN Server Manager.
    1. Click 'Start VisualSVN Server' button on the toolbar or
    2. Select Action | Start on the main menu.

The VDFS service will start and the corresponding status message will be displayed on the dashboard.

See also

KB68: Getting started with VDFS replication in an Active Directory environment

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