Troubleshooting Remote Administration in a Non-Domain Environment

The easiest way to enable VisualSVN Server Remote Administration in a non-domain environment is to setup a domain that includes both server and client computers. If it's not possible for some reasons please check the following:

User credentials are not valid

In most cases your non-domain default security context does not allow you to remotely administer VisualSVN Server on the another computer. You should provide an additional user name and password that are valid on a remote computer where VisualSVN Server is installed.

Storing additional user credentials

These additional credentials should be stored as a part of your current security context. You can easily enter appropriate user name and password by clicking stored credentials link on the Select Computer dialog.

Storing additional user credentials: add credentials

When the Stored User Names and Passwords dialog will be opened you should perform the following steps:

  1. press the Add button on the dialog;
  2. enter appropriate server, user name and password when Logon Information Properties dialog will be opened.
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