Status Icons are not Available in Solution Explorer

If you see no status icons in Visual Studio Solution Explorer or see them for part of projects only then follow these steps please.

  • Make sure you have the latest versions of VisualSVN and TortoiseSVN installed.
  • If you don't see status icons for particular projects then make sure that your project type is supported by VisualSVN.
  • Make sure that you have working copy root set to the topmost folder controlled by Subversion. All projects should be contained inside this folder - VisualSVN doesn't support multiple working copies in one solution by design. We recommend setting working copy root explicitly via VisualSVN | Set Working Copy Root... command.
  • Execute VisualSVN | Cleanup Working Copy command.
  • Make sure you have no nested working copies inside your working copy. You might have got them by copying folder with auxiliary .svn subfolders from one working copy to another or by performing checkout to a folder inside existing working copy.
  • Look for VisualSVN log files in your temp folder - somewhat like "C:\Documents and Settings\username\LocalSettings\Temp\VisualSVN-2007-06-02-00-01-416.log" on Windows XP and "C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\VisualSVN-2007-06-02-00-01-416.log" on Windows Vista.
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