Connecting to VisualSVN Server

VisualSVN Server is based on pure Subversion and can be used with any standard Subversion client via http or https protocol. The svn protocol is not supported. Using https is recommended to avoid security risks.


In most cases connection problems occur due to network configuration errors on the client side. Please check the following.

  • Is the server accessible from the client machine using the ping command?
  • What are the proxy settings on your client? Sometimes the problem is that VisualSVN Server can be located on your intranet but your proxy server doesn't allow you to access intranet sites.
  • What URL do you try to connect? You can use the Copy URL context menu command in the VisualSVN Server management console to get the correct URL of your repositories.
  • Please note that Subversion clients cannot browse the list of available Subversion repositories. You can only browse the content of a repository.
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