How to enter a license key for VisualSVN plug-in

There are two main license types available for VisualSVN plug-in:

  • Free Community license.
  • Paid commercial licenses (including Personal, Corporate and Site licenses).

You can find the instructions to activate the license below.

VisualSVN Community license

Community license is free and activates automatically on computers that do not belong to an Active Directory domain. You do not need to take special steps to activate the Community license.You can find the instructions to activate the license below.

If your computer belongs to an Active Directory domain, you should purchase commercial license. You can find the licensing details and prices on the VisualSVN | Pricing page.

Commercial VisualSVN licenses

You should receive the commercial VisualSVN license key by email after purchase. Follow these steps to activate the license key:

  1. Start Visual Studio.
  2. On the menu bar, choose Extensions | VisualSVN | Registration (in Visual Studio 2017 or older choose VisualSVN | Registration).
  3. Click Enter License Key.
  4. Copy-paste the license key.
  5. Click the OK button to activate your license.

License activation process is identical for Open Source, MVP and Classroom licenses that you can also request on the VisualSVN | Pricing page.

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