How to customize VisualSVN menu

There is a standard menu customization feature in Visual Studio 2005 and you can easily use it to customize VisualSVN's menu items location.

  1. Please make sure that you've opened a solution that is under Subversion;
  2. Choose the Tools | Customize main menu command and check Context Menu item on the Toolbars pane. You will notice that several new items with context menu titles appear on the main toolbar.
  3. Now you can choose and customize menus for different contexts. For example, you can choose The Project and Solution Context Menus | Item toolbar menu command to customize the menu for the item currently selected in Solution Explorer.
  4. Note that you can easily drag and drop commands within context menu. Moreover, you can drag and drop additional menu commands from the Commands pane.
  5. Note that you can customize the menu for items with different traffic lights status. For example, you can customize the menu for yellow file by selecting the yellow file item in Solution Explorer and then choosing the Tools | Customize main menu command.
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