svnadmin hotcopy


svnadmin hotcopy — Make a hot copy of a repository.


svnadmin hotcopy REPOS_PATH NEW_REPOS_PATH


This subcommand makes a hot backup of your repository, including all hooks, configuration files, and, of course, database files. You can run this command at any time and make a safe copy of the repository, regardless of whether other processes are using the repository.

Prior to Subversion 1.8, svnadmin hotcopy always made a full hot copy of the source repository. Beginning with Subversion 1.8 it supports incremental copy to the existing destination copy of the same source repository. By passing the --incremental option to svnadmin hotcopy, you can instruct Subversion to copy only new revisions and revisions which have changed in size or had timestamp modifications. The UUID of the hotcopy destination repository must match the UUID of the hotcopy source repository. Incremental hotcopy mode is supported for FSFS repositories only.

If you pass the --clean-logs option, svnadmin will perform a hot copy of your repository, and then remove unused Berkeley DB logs from the original repository.



As described in the section called “Architectural Limitations”, hot-copied Berkeley DB repositories are not portable across operating systems, nor will they work on machines with a different endianness than the machine where they were created.