svn unlock


svn unlock — Unlock working copy paths or URLs.


svn unlock TARGET...


Unlock each TARGET. If any TARGET is locked by another user or no valid lock token exists in the working copy, print a warning and continue unlocking the rest of the TARGETs. Use --force to break a lock belonging to another user or working copy.


Unlock two files in your working copy:

$ svn unlock tree.jpg house.jpg
'tree.jpg' unlocked.
'house.jpg' unlocked.

Unlock a file in your working copy that is currently locked by another user:

$ svn unlock tree.jpg
svn: E195013: 'tree.jpg' is not locked in this working copy
$ svn unlock --force tree.jpg
'tree.jpg' unlocked.

Unlock a file without a working copy:

$ svn unlock
'tree.jpg unlocked.

For further details, see the section called “Locking”.