Version 3.0.0 [Release Notes] [ Download 32-bit | Download 64-bit ]

  • Multisite Repository Replication: new feature based on VisualSVN Distributed File System (VDFS) technology allows to replicate Subversion repositories between geographically distributed sites.
  • Native 64-bit support.
  • Drop support for Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP. The minimum supported operating systems are now Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista.
  • Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.1i.
  • Enhance default cipher suites to mitigate BEAST and CRIME vulnerabilities.
  • New option to generate SSL certificates with alternative common names.
  • New 'VisualSVN Server Replication' log for events related to replication.
  • Perform the full Stop and Start sequence instead of a graceful service restart on the Restart action in VisualSVN Server Manager.
  • Provide detailed information on errors occurring in the WMI provider when accessed via PowerShell.
  • Start command prompt with the repositories root as the current directory.
  • Show License ID on the Licensing tab in VisualSVN Server Manager.
  • mod_status Apache module is included into the installation package.
  • Fixed: unable to import a repository located on a read-only network share.
  • Fixed: VisualSVN Server service may disappear on upgrade.

Version 2.7.9 [Download]

  • Updated to Apache HTTP Server 2.2.29 with fixes for the following vulnerabilities: CVE-2014-0118, CVE-2014-0231, CVE-2014-0226, CVE-2013-5704.
  • Disable SNI (Server Name Indication) extension to workaround non-compliant Subversion clients that incorrectly handle SSL handshake alerts.

Version 2.7.6 [Download]

  • Updated to Apache Subversion 1.8.9. For further details please see
  • Updated to Serf 1.3.5.
  • Hotfix: Subversion 1.6 and older client fails to commit changes to paths with whitespaces or non-ASCII characters (the problem reappeared after the update to Apache HTTP Server 2.2.27).
  • Significant performance improvement when clients connect to the server over WAN.

Version 2.7.5 [Download]

  • Updated to Apache HTTP Server 2.2.27 with fixes for the following vulnerabilities: CVE-2014-0098, CVE-2013-6438.
  • Minor performance improvement in VisualSVN Repository Configurator.
  • Fixed: VisualSVNServerHooks.exe crashes on commits without 'svn:log' or 'svn:author' properties.

Version 2.7.1 [Download]

  • Fixed: VisualSVN Server Manager fails to start on 64-bit editions of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.
  • Fixed: unable to edit permissions in VisualSVN Server Manager if some non-mandatory NTFS settings are missing on the disk.

Version 2.7.0 [Release Notes] [Download]

  • New feature: Repository Management Delegation using the VisualSVN Repository Configurator.
  • Reintroduced global (server-wide) access rules for Windows Authentication.
  • Colored diff in e-mail notifications.
  • Write Access and Operational log events to the new 'VisualSVN Server Activity' log.
  • New 'VisualSVN Server Management' log for management logging events.
  • New 'Licensing' tab in the VisualSVN Server properties dialog.
  • Rename 'General' tab to 'Storage' in the VisualSVN Server properties dialog.
  • Fixed: memory leak in VisualSVN Server Manager.
  • Several small performance and usability improvements.

Version 2.6.4 [Download]

  • Hotfix: Subversion 1.6 and older clients are unable to commit changes if a repository path contains whitespaces or non-ASCII characters.
  • Fixed: running VisualSVN Server installer in repair mode resets server configuration to installation defaults.

Version 2.6.3 [Download]

  • Updated to Serf 1.3.0.
  • Error out on non-canonical paths in the VisualSVN-WinAuthz.ini file.
  • Fixed: migration of authorization settings is done in non-deterministic order.

Version 2.6.2 [Download]

Version 2.6.1 (Not released)

Version 2.6.0 [Release Notes] [Download]

Server core changes

  • Updated to Apache Subversion 1.8.0. For further details please see Apache Subversion 1.8 Release Notes.
  • Move authorization settings to per-repository files.
  • Match paths against authorization rules in case sensitive way when Windows authorization is used.
  • Make commit notifications HTML-formatted by default.
  • Make 'svn:mergeinfo' property modifications more readable in commit notifications.
  • New options for commit notification hook handler: '--no-html', '--detailed-subject', '--filter'.
  • New '$(author)' substitute variable for '--from' parameter in commit notification handler.
  • Hide repository from the repositories list if user does not have access to it.
  • Minimum supported operating system: Windows Server 2003 SP2.
  • Custom WMI scripts may require to be updated according to the WMI schema changes.
  • Update to SQLite

Management console enhancements

  • Check for software updates automatically.
  • Add dashboard notification about maintenance subscription expiration.
  • New repository creation wizard.
  • Support PFX-encoded (PKCS #12) certificates.
  • Support DER-encoded certificates.
  • Show recently connected computers when connecting to a remote server.
  • Allow to multiselect users and groups when managing access rights.
  • Display server licensing information in the About dialog.
  • New Rename command for repositories.
  • Prohibit to grant access rights for a group from a trusted domain, if the group has a "domain local" scope.
  • Remove Server URL from the dashboard.
  • Fixed: expanding repository tree is slow when managing a remote server.
  • Fixed: New Folder and New Project Structure commands are available for files.
  • Fixed: Start Command Prompt command is unavailable when not connected to a server.
  • Fixed: 'Ctrl+A' keyboard shortcut does not work in the hooks editor.
  • Fixed: management console crashes on attempt to configure repositories to be stored in a root directory.
  • Fixed: duplicate Everyone entry in the permissions edit dialog can occur.

Installer improvements

  • Add option to append Subversion command-line tools to the %PATH% environment variable.
  • Do not offer to modify server configuration during the upgrade to a newer version.
  • Choose between Standard and Enterprise editions in the installer.
  • Allow to enter a renewed license key during the upgrade to a newer version.
  • Fixed: unable to uninstall VisualSVN Server when "VisualSVNServer.mof.uninstall" file is missing for some reason.

Version 2.5.22 [Download]

  • Updated to Apache HTTP Server 2.2.29 with fixes for the following vulnerabilities: CVE-2014-0118, CVE-2014-0231, CVE-2014-0226, CVE-2013-5704.
  • Disable SNI (Server Name Indication) extension to workaround non-compliant Subversion clients that incorrectly handle SSL handshake alerts.

Version 2.5.19 [Download]

Version 2.5.14 (Not released)

Version 2.5.13 [Download]

  • Hotfix: Subversion 1.6 and older clients are unable to commit changes if a repository path contains whitespaces or non-ASCII characters.

Version 2.5.11 (Not released)

Version 2.5.4 [Download]

  • Updated to Apache Subversion 1.7.4. For further details please see
  • Properly restart Apache HTTP Server child process if it gets aborted.
  • Log appropriate error messages when Apache HTTP Server child process gets aborted.
  • Remove inode from ETag HTTP header (to prevent false positive detection by security screening tools).

Version 2.5.3 [Download]

  • Updated to Apache Subversion 1.7.3. For further details please see
  • Updated to Apache HTTP Server 2.2.22
  • Updated to OpenSSL 0.9.8t.
  • Add CreateGnuTLSCompatibleCertificate registry option to create GnuTLS compatible self-signed certificates. See the KB56 article for details.

Version 2.5.0 [Release Notes] [Download]

Major changes

  • Updated to Apache Subversion 1.7.0 For further details please see Apache Subversion 1.7 Release Notes.
  • Enable SVNPathAuthz short_circuit option to improve performance on authorization intensive operations (e.g. svn log).
  • Add support for IPv6 protocol: VisualSVN Server now may be configured to listen on IPv6 interfaces.
  • VisualSVN Server Manager now attempts to use delegation impersonation level when connecting to a remote server.
  • Being installed for the first time, VisualSVN Server makes the pre-configured self-signed server certificate trusted on a local machine.
  • Never trigger Subversion hooks when managing repositories in VisualSVN Server Manager.
  • Adjust Apache HTTP Server settings for better compatibility with Subversion 1.7 clients.

VisualSVN Server Manager improvements

  • Restart VisualSVN Server service gracefully when applying new configurations settings.
  • Allow to configure repository access permissions for accounts from trusted Active Directory domains.
  • New self-signed server certificates are generated to be valid for 10 years.
  • New self-signed server certificates are generated to be valid for server authentication only.
  • Add option to view current server certificate details.
  • Several performance and usability improvements.
  • Fixed: unable to import certificate with expiration date later than 2049 year.

Other changes

  • Rename authentication realm to "VisualSVN Server".
  • Move file to a local temporary directory.
  • Set default maximum size of VisualSVN Server log to 20mb.
  • Fixed: unable to create or remove folder in VisualSVN Server Manager if commit log message contains line breaks.
  • Fixed: web browsers do not invalidate cache and manual page refresh is required to view recent repository changes.
  • Fixed: VisualSVN Server service doesn't gracefully handle system shutdown/reboot events.

Version 2.1.16 [Download]

  • Hotfix: Subversion 1.6 and older clients are unable to commit changes if a repository path contains whitespaces or non-ASCII characters.

Version 2.1.12 (Not released)

Version 2.1.11 [Download]

Version 2.1.10 [Download]

  • Updated to Apache HTTP Server 2.2.20 with fix for the critical vulnerability: CVE-2011-3192.
  • Negotiate authentication method is disabled for Subversion clients built against Neon (reverting the corresponding change from the version 2.1.9).

Version 2.1.9 [Download]

  • Updated to Subversion 1.6.17 with fixes for the following vulnerabilities: CVE-2011-1752, CVE-2011-1783, CVE-2011-1921.
  • Updated to Apache HTTP Server 2.2.19
  • Updated to Neon 0.29.6.
  • Negotiate authentication method is enabled for Subversion clients built against Neon 0.29.5 (and newer).
  • Fixed: an attempt to change repository root settings fails with the "The remote procedure call failed. (0x800706be)" error message.
  • Fixed: upgrade fails with the "Custom action CreateInitialAuthFilesExecute failed" error message when repositories are stored on network share.

Version 2.1.8 (Not released)

Version 2.1.6 [Download]

  • Updated to Subversion 1.6.16 with fix for critical vulnerability: CVE-2011-0715.

Version 2.1.3 [Download]

  • Updated to Subversion 1.6.12. For further details please see
  • Updated to Serf 0.3.1.
  • Allow to grant access rights for a domain computer account.
  • Prohibit to grant access rights for a domain distribution group (since Active Directory distribution groups are not intended to manage permissions).
  • Fixed: installation package behaves incorrectly when AlwaysInstallElevated policy is enabled.
  • Fixed: VisualSVNServerHooks.exe does not work if VisualSVN Server service account doesn't have access permissions to all parents of the repositories folder.
  • Fixed: non-ASCII characters are incorrectly logged to Access and Operational logs.
  • Fixed: unable to install if computer name contains underscore characters.
  • mod_deflate Apache module is not loaded anymore.

Version 2.1 [Release Notes] [Download]

  • New feature: Integrated Windows Authentication. With Integrated Windows Authentication users gain access to VisualSVN Server without being prompted for username and password. Available in Enterprise Edition only.
  • Fixed: access permissions settings can be interpreted incorrectly when Windows Authentication is used.
  • Favicon is added to web pages produced by VisualSVN Server.
  • Updated to Neon 0.29.3.
  • Updated to OpenSSL 0.9.8l with fix for critical vulnerability: CVE-2009-3555.

Version 2.0.18 [Download]

Version 2.0.17 [Download]

  • Updated to Apache HTTP Server 2.2.20 with fix for the critical vulnerability: CVE-2011-3192.

Version 2.0.14 [Download]

  • Updated to Subversion 1.6.16 with fix for critical vulnerability: CVE-2011-0715.

Version 2.0.8 [Download]

  • Updated to Subversion 1.6.6. For further details please see
  • NetworkService account receives explicit access permission to the installation folder (as a workaround for the situations when it does not have such permissions implicitly)
  • Fixed: WMI provider may be not reloaded after the server upgrade.
  • Fixed: VisualSVN Server may crash if Windows permissions settings file contains invalid data.

Version 2.0.7 [Download]

  • Fixed: commits sometimes fail with the "SSL negotiation failed.." error message.

Version 2.0.4 [Download]

  • GZip compression is disabled because of potential memory leaks.

Version 2.0.3 [Download]

  • Fixed: installation process terminates in some environments with the "Cannot get effective rights from ACL: Access is denied" error messsage.
  • Fixed: WMI permissions are not configured properly on Windows Server 2003/XP.

Version 2.0.2 [Download]

  • Fixed: adjusting permissions can be performed very slowly during the installation process.

Version 2.0.1 [Download]

  • Fixed: installation fails on German versions of Windows.

Version 2.0 [Release Notes] [Download]

Enhanced Security

  • New VisualSVN Server Admins group: a new group "VisualSVN Server Admins" has been added and has all of the necessary permissions to manage VisualSVN Server.
  • The VisualSVN service now runs under the built-in Network Service account, which has minimal privileges for better security.
  • TraceEnable Apache option is turned off to increase server security by blocking diagnostic traces that can be initiated remotely.
  • Fine-grained access permissions are configured for the repositories root folder by default.
  • The SSL certificate is stored in the dedicated folder "certs" with restricted access permissions, for better default security.

Enhanced Logging

  • New Dedicated Event Log: a new event log named "VisualSVN Server" is used to store all server related log messages.
  • Complete logging: access and operational logging is added. logs all Subversion activity in terms of raw HTTP transactions or logical Subversion requests (Enterprise Edition only).
  • System error code and description added to error messages.

Enhanced Management console

  • Remote server administration provides a familiar, highly usable, transparent user interface to remote server instances (Enterprise Edition only).
  • Import of SSL certificate bundled with private key now supported.
  • New context menu command named New / Project Structure that automates the creation of trunk, branches and tags folders that most developers use in their work.
  • VisualSVN Server cleans up permission references to Subversion users and group when users and groups are deleted, and cleans up permission references when repositories are deleted.
  • VisualSVN Server version number is displayed on the dashboard.
  • Help command for VisualSVN Server Manager in the console main menu now works properly.
  • VisualSVN Server blocks the import of a repository if the source or destination folders are nested inside each other.
  • The "Delete Repository" command removes repositories permanently and does not use the Recycle Bin.

Commit e-mail notification improvements

  • Option to suppress file differences in email notifications: VisualSVNServerHooks now accepts the "--no-diffs" option to suppress files differences in emailed commit notifications.
  • End-of-line markers are now handled correctly in the commit notifications.

Installation improvements

  • Preserve service configuration settings during the upgrade.
  • Standard HTTP and HTTPS ports are now defaults: VisualSVN Server suggests to use the standard 80 and 443 ports by default (instead of 8080 and 8443 ports as in previous versions).
  • Windows Firewall configuration at install time is improved.
  • Installation rollback corrected.

Other changes

  • HTTP result 403 (forbidden error) now implemented fully: previously in versions 1.7.x and earlier, VisualSVN Server occasionally returned an HTTP 500 (server internal) error in response to a permission failure, which was misleading to the user. The correct 403 (forbidden) error is returned now.
  • URL for VisualSVN Server access now permits no trailing backslash: users may now omit trailing slash in the server root URL and access the server.
  • GZip compression is enabled by default for optimum network bandwidth usage.

Version 1.7.2 [Download]

  • Updated to Subversion 1.6.2. For further details please see
  • Fixed: dots in repository names are not allowed.
  • Fixed: "413 Request Entity Too Large" error when updating extremely large working copies.
  • Fixed: installation fails with "Custom action GenerateSSLKey failed..." error message.

Version 1.7.1 [Download]

  • Updated to Subversion 1.6.1. For further details please see
  • Significant performance improvement when Windows authentication is used.
  • Fixed: redundant authorization event log records when Windows authentication is used.
  • Updated to OpenSSL 0.9.8k.
  • Updated to Neon 0.28.4.
  • New icons and logo image.

Version 1.6.3 [Download]

Version 1.6.2 [Download]

Version 1.6.1 [Download]

  • SVNPathAuthz short_circuit option is disabled (serious authorization problems are encountered).
  • Fixed: installation doesn't recognize the folder where the previous version is installed.

Version 1.6 [Release Notes] [Download]

  • New: Certificate Management.
  • New: Advanced server binding configuration.
  • New: Simple email notifications hook.
  • New: Subverison hook for checking filename case-sensitivity.
  • New: Logging to the Event Log.
  • New: Commands to create/delete folder in repository.
  • New: Server name configuration.
  • Updated to Subversion 1.5.3. For further details please see:
  • mod_auth_digest Apache module is removed from installation.
  • Fixed: VisualSVN Server crashes on folders with chinese characters.
  • Maximize button is available in the hook edit window.
  • Improved error message is logged when service has failed to start during installation.
  • Installation process is continued even if firewall configuration is failed.
  • Do not reset firewall settings on upgrade.
  • Firewall configuration is improved on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.
  • Installation of an older version over the newer one is prohibited.
  • Apache and Subversion package versions are displayed during the installation.
  • Existing hooks are marked by bold lines in the Properties/Hooks window.
  • VisualSVN Server properties dialog splited into separate pages
  • SVNPathAuthz short_circuit option is enabled (improve performance on authorization intensive operations)

Version 1.5.1 [Download]

  • Updated to Apache 2.2.9. For further details please see:
  • Context menu for repository node reorganized: "Manage Security" and "Manage Hooks" commands are added to "All Tasks" submenu. "Properties" top level context menu command is also added.
  • Fixed: extra slash in vsvnvars.bat removed.

Version 1.5 [Release Notes] [Download]

  • Updated to Subversion 1.5. For further details please see
    Subversion 1.5 Release Notes.
  • Windows authorization implemented with Windows groups support (authorization settings are stored in separate "authz-windows" file in format similar to Subversion authorization with SID instead of user name)
  • UI for editing Subversion hooks implemented.
  • New command for repository format upgrade. (it's necessary to use new 1.5 features)
  • Authentication type (Subversion or Windows) can be selected during installation
  • User name can be stored in UPN format (user@DOMAIN)
  • VisualSVN Server recognizes user name in DOMAIN\user format.
  • Command for starting command prompt added to root node.
  • "Access denied" is returned for authentication errors only ("internal server error" is returned for other cases)
  • mod_authn_windows renamed to mod_authnz_visualsvn.
  • Warning about AcceptEx in EventViewer is removed
  • apr-util is built without dependency on apr-iconv (it is not used neither by Apache nor by Subversion)
  • Subversion is built in dll instead of static linking
  • httpd.exe renamed to VisualSVNServer.exe
  • Fixed: no sort order in "Select User/Group" dialog.
  • Fixed: potential leak of token handles in mod_authn_windows

Version 1.1 [Release Notes] [Download]

  • Added support for authentication via Windows domain.
  • Implemented VisualSVN Server dashboard.
  • It is now possible to edit server configuration via management console, without reinstallation.
  • Implemented "Import Existing Repository" command.
  • New user-defined configuration file named httpd-custom.conf has been added.
  • URL of the selected node is now displayed in the description bar.
  • New toolbar for the "VisualSVN Server" node has been added.
  • VisualSVN Server now will always use hostname as "server name".
  • VisualSVN Server will now suggest to subscribe to our news channel during installation.
  • "Copy URL" and "Browse" commands will now issue a warning if there are no users defined.
  • Warn user if the port we use is occupied by another service.
  • "Create Repository" command has been renamed to "Create New Repository".
  • "Copy URL" command has been renamed to "Copy URL to Clipboard".
  • Fix: File C:\.rnd was being created during installation.
  • Fix: VisualSVN Server couldn't be installed if there was no "C:\" drive in the system.

Version 1.0.3 [Download]

  • "RESTRICTED USE DURING EVALUATION PERIOD" and "LICENSE FEES AND PAYMENTS" sections removed from VisualSVN Server license.
  • Fixed: Newer files may be removed when installing older version of VisualSVN Server.

Version 1.0.1 [Download]

  • Fixed: VisualSVN Server writes messages "Resolve Partial Assembly failed for Microsoft.VC80.CRT." to System Error Log on some configurations.
  • Fixed: Modify option doesn't work in installer.

Version 1.0 [Download]

Initial release.